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Secure by Design: Why Trust Matters for Software Risk Management

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Secure by Design is the biggest single thrust in the federal government's efforts to change the game on software risk, with the clear goal of shifting liability to software producers for supply chain security

But there's a big problem: Even if best practices are used, the application security tools gap, as noted in the ReversingLabs Software Supply Chain Risk Report, is leaving organizations exposed to supply chain attacks. And cybercriminals and nation state groups, which are embracing supply chain attacks as a preferred means, are evolving their methods to exploit these gaps.

What is needed for development organizations to make Secure by Design a reality? How can you trust your releases are secure? First, software producers must be able to verify the integrity of their releases. That requires modern tools that go beyond legacy application security testing (AST) and software composition analysis (SCA).

In this webinar, you will learn:

  •  About the benefits of Secure by Design — and the broader shift to making software producers liable for the security of their software.
  •  The real-world problem of realizing Secure by Design. The app sec tools gap is real, and companies know it’s leaving them exposed.
  •  What you need to be able to verify the integrity of your software releases — and to deliver the trust that Secure by Design demands.


Meet the Presenters - Industry Natives and Experts:

  • About Chris Hughes

Chris brings nearly 20 years of IT and cybersecurity experience to his role as President at Aquia, Chief Security Advisor at Endor Labs as well as a Cyber Innovation Fellow (CIF) at the Cybersecurity Infrastructure and Security Agency (CISA) where he focuses on software supply chain security. As a United States Air Force veteran and former civil servant in the U.S. Navy and the General Services Administration’s FedRAMP program, Chris is passionate about making a lasting impact on his country and our global cyber community at large. Chris is co-author of the book, “Software Transparency: Supply Chain Security in an Era of a Software-Driven Society”, published by Wiley. He has also contributed many other thought leadership pieces on software supply chain security and has presented on the topic at a variety of industry conferences.

About Saša Zdjelar
Saša is the Chief Trust Officer (CTrO) at ReversingLabs and Operating Partner at Crosspoint Capital with ~20 years of Fortune 10 global executive leadership experience. His CTrO scope includes leadership, oversight and governance of the CISO/CSO function, including product security, as well as partnering with other leaders on corporate and product strategy, strategic partnerships and research, and customer and technology advisory boards, including sponsoring the ReversingLabs CISO Council. Prior to ReversingLabs and Crosspoint Capital, Saša served as the Senior Vice President of Security at Salesforce, where he led a global organization encompassing enterprise security, product security, offensive security, security engineering/automation, bug bounty programs, technical product/program/project management, and mergers & acquisitions. He also played a crucial role as the executive sponsor for strategic corporate security initiatives, such as Zero Trust.


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