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Verify Secure Releases with Differential Analysis

WEBINAR | On Demand

SPECTRA ASSURE for Software Supply Chain Security - Product Spotlight Featuring Differential Analysis

The velocity of modern development requires code changes to the same software package multiple times per day. Each code change pushed to production has the potential to be an attack vector exploiting embedded threat categories like malware, exposed secrets or malicious behaviors. A required capability for detecting software supply chain compromises is the ability to track the evolution of software packages through differential analysis of their contents. 

Spectra Assure’s AI-driven complex binary analysis engine provides a version-to-version differential analysis to help security and third-party risk professionals flag new threats that may have been introduced with new code changes. 

In this webinar, we showcase how Spectra Assure incorporates differential analysis and can flag threats within the SDLC while also helping third-party risk managers make informed risk decisions before deploying new versions across their environment. 

Key discussion points:

  • How Spectra Assure uses differential analysis to validate if any files within the package have been added, deleted or modified.
  • How differential analysis can be used to flag suspicious, or outright malicious behavior within your vendor's software or your own applications.

  • How differential analysis enables reproducibility checks to detect malware and tampering within your development team's build environment

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