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Unraveling XZ: A Software Supply Chain Under Siege

WEBINAR | On Demand

With the recent discovery of the XZ Trojan, enterprises are facing up to the heightened risks of malicious infiltration of their software supply chains. 

Watch RL software security experts as they shed light on the technical intricacies of the XZ supply chain compromise and its ramifications for software producers and enterprises. 

They will unpack the XZ supply chain campaign and malware and review proactive measures that software producers and end user organizations can take to safeguard their technology and IT environments from threats lurking in both open source and proprietary, commercial software.

Key discussion points:

  • Timeline and technical details of the XZ Trojan attack
  • Analysis of the attacker's methods (TTPs), including the use of fake identities to gain control of the project
  • How to protect against threats like the XZ compromise
  • Strategies for collaboration between enterprises and open-source communities to improve security
  • Tips for assessing your current supply chain risk posture