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Why Traditional App Sec Tools Fail at Software Supply Chain Security

App Sec Tools of Yesterday Make Way for Software Supply Chain Security of Today

Eighty-plus percent of surveyed companies believe traditional SAST, DAST, & SCA technology don't fully protect them from software supply chain threats. This session discusses the reasons these analyses cannot provide effective risk management and breach response.

In this session you will learn:

✓  Software supply chain attack vectors and techniques used by malicious actors

✓  Reasons software providers and enterprise consumers remain blind to several categories of risk

✓  The DNA of an effective software supply chain security program

✓  How secrets leakage detection affects API & software supply chain security

About the presenters:

Richard Bird, CSO, Traceable.AI | LinkedIn 

Matt Rose, Field CISO, ReversingLabs | LinkedIn 

Jasmine Noel, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, ReversingLabs | Linkedin

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