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Joseph Edwards

Joseph Edwards
Senior Malware Researcher at ReversingLabs. Joseph specializes in Reverse Engineering and Digital Forensics, and has worked in incident response for large corporations, as well as in consulting. At ReversingLabs he hunts across the TiCloud file corpus for new and emerging threats. His research interests include rootkits, bootkits, viruses, file format exploitation, and mobile malware.

Recent Posts from Joseph Edwards

December 1, 2022

ZetaNile: Open source software trojans from North Korea

ReversingLabs Malware Researcher Joseph Edwards takes a deep dive into ZetaNile, a set of open-source software trojans being used by Lazarus/ZINC.
August 9, 2022

GwisinLocker ransomware targets South Korean industrial and pharma firms

GwisinLocker is a new ransomware family that targets Linux in industrial and pharma companies with sophisticated "double extortion" ransomware campaigns. 
July 27, 2022

Threat analysis: Follina exploit fuels 'live-off-the-land' attacks

An analysis of three in-the-wild payloads delivered using the Follina exploit shows how attackers can boost efforts to avoid detection by security tools. 
June 28, 2022

Smash-and-grab: AstraLocker 2.0 pushes ransomware direct from Office docs

ReversingLabs recently discovered instances of the AstraLocker 2.0 malware distributed directly from Microsoft Word files used in phishing attacks.