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Join ReversingLabs at Alamo Ace in San Antonio, Texas, to See the Latest in Advanced Malware Hunting


On November 5, ReversingLabs will be in San Antonio to attend the
Alamo Ace conference. Alamo Ace attendees will view product demonstrations that showcase ReversingLabs’ authoritative file intelligence solution TitaniumCloud and our next generation A1000 malware hunting solution. 

TitaniumCloud is a private file reputation and intelligence database which now exceeds 7 billion malware and goodware samples and unlike VirusTotal, is secure, private and GDPR compliant.

The new A1000 advanced malware hunting solution includes multi-conditional queries with 500+ logical expressions to enable more effective and efficient malware searches. It allows users too quickly and easily search and pivot on data for emerging malware, trending threats, network-related data and document, and certificate misuse. Together, these products enable critical cyber threat defense use cases including;

Turbocharging your sandbox - Deploy ultra-fast automated static file analysis in front of your sandbox environment to increase speed and efficiency while lowering cost. ReversingLabs automated static file analysis technology will decompose, deobfuscate and statically analyze files so that:

  1. Non-executable (PDF, Media, Office) files can be analyzed increasing detection coverage

  2. Known good and known bad executables can be removed from the sandbox queue reducing backlogs

  3. Unknown, suspicious executables can be cleaned, repaired, and deception techniques surfaced so that a complete dynamic analysis run can occur

The result: reduction of sandbox traffic by 60 to 70%, increase coverage of malware analysis to all files and speeding the investigation and containment process down to seconds and minutes.

Threat hunting the last mile - Enabling your threat hunters to connect investigation clues from endpoint and network analytics, logs, and SIEM events to “file of interest” so that hunters can pinpoint suspicious files, and the malware hidden inside. The result: hunters and investigators will have the tools to close the visibility gap between threat hunting and the malware lurking inside files they are hunting for 

Visit ReversingLabs at Booth 99 at Alamo Ace, San Antonio

Click here to learn more about ReversingLabs solutions

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