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Meet the New RL Partner Program

Let’s band together for the love of security

Blog-RL-We-love-our-PartnersIt’s Valentine’s Day. What better way to celebrate togetherness than to make a big gesture of love with the announcement of the new RL Partner Program?

The threat landscape is growing, and the only way to stay in front of malicious actors is through collaboration with the best and brightest security experts – Captain Planet style. Businesses struggle to identify compliance issues, exposures, and threats like malware, tampering, vulnerabilities, mitigation guidance, exposed secrets, and license issues. 

The RL Partner Program is a testament to an ecosystem approach that’s paramount in building comprehensive security resiliency, especially as cybersecurity leaders grapple with understaffing that impacts the capability to manage the most common threats (of which supply chain threats are in the top three concerns).  

The new partner program expands the impact of ReversingLabs’ solutions by ensuring seamless integration into existing security stacks while tailoring category expertise to ensure our solutions perfectly align with an organization’s security objectives – no matter the organization’s security posture or maturity.

It takes a hands-on relationship

ReversingLabs COO Peter Doggart said these customer benefits are only possible through a genuine hands-on relationship that includes mutual intelligence-sharing and in-depth training on the threat landscape.

“We are championing our partners' growth strategies with offerings that address various use cases, from SBOM generation and SOC automation to threat hunting and analysis."
Peter Doggart

Announced in 2023, RL’s relationship with DigiCert has opened new opportunities to strengthen trust throughout the software development pipeline.

“DigiCert helps organizations put digital trust to work, and our partnership with ReversingLabs unlocks real value. Together our technology integration and go-to-market strategy have helped define and enforce policies for tamper-proof software delivery, building trust with customers and within software supply chains," said Deepika Chauhan, Chief Product Officer at DigiCert.

Another highlight of the RL Partner Program is ReversingLabs’ collaboration with PwC UK, establishing the next generation of third-party risk management (TPRM) for their European customers "[Our alliance provides] clients with the visibility they need to understand and reduce third-party risks to their software supply chain," said Ian Trinder, Director of PwC UK.

Working with Synopsys, RL is expanding and optimizing malware analysis to jointly tackle complex supply chain threats.

Spread the love with a trusted partner

Companies, both large and small, rely on ReversingLabs’ constellation of consultants, security advisors, and value-added resellers. They are the trusted advisors to thousands of security teams worldwide.

The RL Partner Program is a new initiative that reflects a long-standing ReversingLabs value: collaboration. For the past 15 years, ReversingLabs has delivered critical threat intelligence to F500 companies and over 60 of the world’s most recognizable and impactful cybersecurity companies.

Introduced swiftly on the heels of the launch of Spectra Assure for software supply chain security, our new Partner Program provides resellers, distributors, consultants, MSSPs, and technology providers the sales and marketing tools to ensure that RL solutions can reach even more organizations around the world.

Spread the love and visit our partner page to learn more about the benefits of working with a ReversingLabs partner. 

If your organization wants to cuddle up with ReversingLabs to tackle complex security threats jointly, contact our Partnership team at partners@reversinglabs.com, or apply for the RL Partner Program online.

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