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Protect Against Software Supply Chain Attacks

Learn below how a unified software supply chain security platform enables both Dev and SOC teams to release software and respond to incidents with speed and confidence.

Reduce Attack Surface Risk From Development to IT Operations

Shift-left and right to reduce supply chain risk exposure

Dev Teams: Shift-Left and Right to Reduce Supply Chain Risk Exposure

Reducing exposures and vulnerabilities during the coding process is no longer enough. New sophisticated threats need to be addressed across the entire development lifecycle.

ReversingLabs protects the software development process end-to-end from open-source components to CI/CD workflows to the release pipeline. Development and AppSec teams are able to set risk-based policies across CI/CD controls to prevent software from being released when signs of tampering, exposed secrets, certificate misconfigurations or vulnerabilities are detected.

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Shift-left into development and IT as the last line of defense

SOC Teams: Shift-Left Into Development and IT as the Last Line of Defense

The development process has become a new area of risk exposure and a primary target for supply chain attacks requiring 24x7 monitoring of software pre and post deployment.

ReversingLabs shifts the SOC left into both the development process and IT deployment process as the last line of defense, enabling security operations to establish risk based policies to detect non-compliant software behaviors.

Through continuous analysis of every software package across the enterprise, the SOC now can respond when high-risk software is detected both before and after deployment. As day-zero attacks are detected, the SOC quickly understands the prevalence and impact of affected software to effectively respond and isolate the attacks. Support for YARA rules helps identify future threats and assess the CI/CD infrastructure's exposure to new vulnerabilities in widely deployed software such as log4j.

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Software Analysis to Accelerate Release, Remediation & Response

Dev Teams

Dev Teams: See More Than Vulnerabilities and Remediate High-Risk Tampering

Tampering threats have become a major contributor to overall software risk, with few having the ability to detect and protect against them.

ReversingLabs enables development teams to expand visibility beyond vulnerabilities, and go deeper, by analyzing the largest contributor to modern software risk: tampering, which is any unauthorized software change made with malicious intent.

Teams can leverage threat expertise to assess risk, and create custom approval policies tailored to all applications’ threat models. These policies then inform the prioritization of threat remediation, speeding the removal of high risk threats and exposures, without impacting software release schedules.

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SOC Teams: Get Deep Software Threat Intelligence to Accelerate Response

SOC Teams: Get Deep Software Threat Intelligence to Accelerate Response

Limited software intelligence depth prevents SOC teams from effectively prioritizing response and isolating new software supply chain attacks in a timely manner.

ReversingLabs enables the SOC to analyze executables larger than 100MB, moving away from ineffective controls that miss supply chain breaches.

Armed with in-depth software risk visibility, SOCs can detect tampering, certificate misconfigurations and secret exposures,. Enriched indicators of compromise (IOCs) and behavioral tracking integrated within MITRE ATT&CK guide and accelerate response, isolation and containment of software related incidents.

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Optimize Your Dev & SOC Tech Investments

Dev Teams: Optimize Your Existing AppSec Investments

Dev Teams: Optimize Your Existing AppSec Investments

Existing application security (AppSec) solutions focus on vulnerabilities and code quality issues at the expense of threats like software tampering and supply chain attacks.

ReversingLabs enables you to up your acceptance testing game. Our technology complementing your SAST, DAST and SCA solutions with the ability to identify malicious and unauthorized changes to software behaviors such as being able to change account privileges or reboot the system. Such changes often presage attacks on production systems.

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Implement or Optimize Your Third-Party Software Review Process & Hunting Investments

SOC Teams: Implement or Optimize Your Third-Party Software Review Process and Hunting Investments

Existing malware analysis and hunting investments aren’t engineered to analyze large complex files, binaries and software packages.

ReversingLabs enables you to complement your AV, EDR and Sandbox solutions with the ability to scan larger software executables. Because today’s third-party software binaries and updates often exceed the file size limits for effective threat assessment, ReversingLabs enables you to identify software supply chain threats hidden within large executables that circumvent those controls.

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Easy to Implement for Both Dev and SOC Teams:
Automatically Analyze Software for Supply Chain Threats

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