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The Final Build Exam For Software

Software represents the largest under-addressed attack surface in the world, and classic AppSec tools are unable to address the modern attack surface.

ReversingLabs Software Supply Chain Security is the only solution capable of rapidly deconstructing large and complex software packages, and detecting threats and exposures across software supply chains, all before the attack happens.

Reduce Attack Surface Risk From Development to IT Operations

Assess Releases for Supply Chain Threats & Exposures

Assess Releases for Supply Chain Threats & Exposures

Reducing exposures and vulnerabilities during the development process only addresses general risks, failing to effectively protect components. New, sophisticated threats must be addressed across the entire development lifecycle with in-depth coverage over active, severe threats.

ReversingLabs examines software components, dependencies, installers, file archives and digital signatures included in a final release build for threats that bypass vulnerability testing or code reviews, ensuring the integrity of software delivered to production or customer environments.

Address The Security Gaps In Legacy AppSec Tools

Address The Security Gaps In Legacy AppSec Tools

Legacy AppSec tools look for vulnerabilities either by testing code, open source or application runtimes, this piecemeal approach leaves embedded malware and malicious tampering undetected in the final build delivered to customers.

ReversingLabs fills these gaps by delivering prioritized alerts about malware, suspicious behaviors, unexplained modifications and other discrepancies detected in the final build, and providing remediation recommendations and enforcing custom policies for DevSecOps teams to efficiently and confidently release trustworthy software.

We are working to help establish new standards for secure software development in the industry and ReversingLabs has since become an important part of our overall efforts.

Sudhakar Ramakrishna, President and CEO, SolarWinds
See More Than Vulnerabilities and Remediate High-Risk Tampering

See More Than Vulnerabilities and Remediate High-Risk Tampering

Attackers compromise software by making unauthorized changes, however, legacy AppSec solutions only detect vulnerabilities which leaves software and build environments open to malicious tampering that leads to software supply chain attacks.

ReversingLabs goes beyond vulnerability, automating detection of software behavior changes, falsified digital signatures,  and other indicators of malicious tampering, enforcing custom policies and providing details of how specific software components were changed and validating that threats are addressed.

Manage Third Party Software Risk With Comprehensive Visibility

Manage Third Party Software Risk With Comprehensive Visibility

Organizations using third-party software have limited visibility to verify whether a new release, with its uncounted open source, commercial and proprietary components, is trustworthy enough to deploy.

ReversingLabs provides a full analysis of complex, multi-GB binaries, reporting threats found within software components in an interactive software bill of materials (SBOM) and enabling organizations to understand the risks, uphold best practices and enforce compliance policies.

Why the Time is NOW for Software Supply Chain Security

Solution Insights

Quarterly Product Roadmap & Review Q3 2023

Quarterly Product Roadmap & Review Q3 2023

ReversingLabs is opening the door and pulling back the curtain on its technology, features, and future development. Watch to see ReversingLabs’ latest features and get a sneak peek of what's coming next for customers in Q4 2023

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Automatically Analyze Software With A Final Build Exam

Submit & Analyze

Rapidly analyze software binaries, containers, open source libraries, and third-party software (no manual prep required)

Identify, Remediate & Respond

Identify, prioritize and remediate threats and high-risk components buried deep within layers of software dependencies

Verify, Approve & Release

Confidently confirm security quality of software before acquisition, deployment and updates with custom approval policies