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The Power of Complex Binary Analysis

Powered by the industry-leading complex static binary analysis technology, ReversingLabs TitaniumCore delivers critical visibility into files, malware, and software necessary to stand up to the most advanced cybersecurity attacks.


A prism is a fascinating thing. It separates a single stream of light into different wavelengths to make visible different colors. It is a fitting metaphor for ReversingLabs complex binary analysis. It takes in a single entity, a file or software package, and through our own analysis and “refraction,” we can separate out critical insights, making it possible to see malware, tampering, vulnerabilities, exposed secrets, malicious behavior, and more. This is the power of complex binary analysis.

ReversingLabs delivers the industry’s leading complex binary analysis technology, powered by ReversingLabs TitaniumCore. It delivers critical visibility into files, malware, and software necessary to stand up to the most advanced cybersecurity attacks. Capable of digging deeper and providing the unfettered insights necessary for any analyzed file, ReversingLabs delivers the fastest and most comprehensive solutions for automated static analysis of binary files. Proven in the field for over 15 years, the world’s leading cybersecurity enterprises and Fortune 500 partners trust ReversingLabs data analysis to enable their security teams, power their security solutions, and enhance their visibility into the modern threat.

In the evolving cybersecurity landscape, detecting and mitigating threats has become increasingly complex, especially with the rise of sophisticated attacks through software supply chains and advanced obfuscation techniques. Traditional cybersecurity tools often rely on dynamic analysis, executing software in a controlled environment to observe its behavior. While effective in specific scenarios, dynamic analysis is resource intensive, and can be easily evaded using malicious techniques such as time-based payload execution delay methods used within the SolarWinds software supply chain attack.

Traditional tools, including traditional endpoint security and dynamic analysis systems, cannot scale in the face of stealthy, zero-day exploits that can bypass execution-based detection mechanisms. They are often constrained by the need for known signatures or identifiable malicious behaviors without fully parsing or comprehending the file structures, making them less effective against novel or sophisticated attacks embedded in software components.

The need to adopt a robust approach to analyze complex files and detect the most advanced cybersecurity threat in a post compilation, pre-deployment state is clear.

ReversingLabs TitaniumCore delivers the granular and accurate technology critical to scale to these complex threats. It is the heart of a highly scalable and automated complex binary analysis technology, adept at recursively unpacking and extracting threat and risk indicators and classifying files to enhance real-time and high-volume applications. By deconstructing binaries at scale and identifying malicious components before they make it to production, it provides a crucial layer of defense that bolsters the security of software supply chains and addresses a critical blind spot in cybersecurity defenses.

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Analysis Without Detonation or Source Code

ReversingLabs static binary analysis can dissect and scrutinize the binary code without execution and even the need for source code in the case of software analysis. This need becomes more acute considering the surge in open-source software adoption, where binaries often come from disparate and unverified sources, mixed with commercial and proprietary code components in final builds.

High-Speed Analysis of Complex Files

The power of RL’s complex binary analysis is not just in the depth of its analysis but also in its unmatched processing speed, providing a solution for operations of any scale - from a few files to millions of samples daily. File and software size is no limiting factor, with the ability to deconstruct and analyze files up to 100GB with speed and accuracy. Analysis of a 30GB file can take as little as two hours. This scalability and efficiency make complex binary analysis a formidable solution to the challenges posed by the sheer volume of complex files and software components that must be analyzed and deconstructed in today's extensive attack surface - and keep development teams moving at speed.

Deep File Analysis

Our complex binary analysis digs deep into the internal contents of files, recursively unpacking and deobfuscating them to reveal the risks and threats inside. The analysis engine performs high-speed, static analysis to unpack files, extract internal indicators, determine threat levels, and expose vital information for remediation. This high-speed and accurate analysis ensures that hidden threats are accurately identified, delivering an essential layer of security in protecting against complex cyber threats.

Complex Binary Analysis vs. Software Attacks

While specialized tools like SCA help prevent specific issues from making it to the build, they are not designed to address the modern software supply chain attacks and can miss threats introduced later in the pipeline. These classic tools all work together, but software producers need the ability to validate trust and security of their products in the final state that they will be delivered to their customers. ReversingLabs provides that final build exam.

ReversingLabs TitaniumCore can unpack over 400 types of packages and analyze well over 4,800 unique file types. From there, the solution can recursively unpack an application’s components down to the binary elements and scan everything for malicious code, exposed secrets, tampering, suspicious behaviors, and more.

As the enterprise attack surface evolves, the tools we use to defend must also advance. ReversingLabs’ technology transforms the way security professionals approach the deconstruction of complex files, from the software supply chain to malware analysis and threat hunting. Unmatched in size, capability, and accuracy, TitaniumCore is the crucial technology addressing a critical blind spot in cybersecurity defenses and powers the full ReversingLabs suite of solutions.

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ReversingLabs Software Supply Chain Security solution gives developers and application security teams revolutionary new capabilities that legacy secure SDLC solutions cannot provide. Its revolutionary capabilities provide broader visibility into software supply chain risks while automatically suppressing false positive results that are not actionable by developers. ReversingLabs can reveal when software is a malware monster, protecting the developer and its customers from a modern software supply chain attack. 

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