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Ali Khan Named ReversingLabs' First Field CISO

As the ReveringLabs team embraces the Black Hat USA conference in Las Vegas this week, we wanted to share some exciting news that will be vital to the company’s ongoing growth: Ali Khan has been named ReversingLabs’ first-ever Field CISO. 

During his time at ReversingLabs, Khan has exemplified the company’s mission by fulfilling several goals that are essential to the work that we do. As a whole, ReversingLabs prides itself on having meaningful customer relationships, to ensure that the clients we work with are heard and prioritized. This feedback from our customers is then used to fuel consistent, modern advancements of our technological solutions. Our talented team of researchers and engineers also understands that threat actors will never quit, which is why they work with the speed and seriousness needed to deliver valuable solutions for enterprises.

Khan joined the company earlier this year after serving as director of cyber risk advisory and senior manager at Booz Allen. Since joining ReversingLabs as Solutions Demand Manager, he has dedicated himself to helping customers address their most urgent cybersecurity needs. This includes detection engineering, cyber defense operations, cyber threat intelligence, malware analysis, and threat hunting.

Now, as Field CISO, Khan and his team will help lead ReversingLabs’ commitment to bringing cyber resiliency and maturity to national critical infrastructure organizations and the cybersecurity community. He’ll do this by communicating with organizations about the most pressing cyber threats to date, such as software supply chain and ransomware attacks. Additionally, Khan will work with security teams to identify the solutions needed to combat such threats: greater risk visibility, SOC maturity, following software security guidelines, building reliable threat hunting programs, and more.  

Khan and his team will partner with organizations in the public and private sectors most vulnerable to cyberattacks, working directly with CISOs, CTOs, and CIOs at these organizations. He’ll also collaborate with ReversingLabs threat researchers, malware reverse engineers, and software supply chain researchers to accelerate the development of vulnerability-centric and threat-informed defense strategies. At the same time, they will also keep their eyes on the future by identifying strategic partnerships that can help ensure the long-term success of customers.

For anyone interested in finding out more about how Khan and his team can help your sector, industry, or organization, please contact him via LinkedIn, Twitter, or email.

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