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ReversingLabs Launches Software Supply Chain Security Availability in AWS Marketplace

Ben Rice
Blog Author

Ben Rice, VP of Business Development at ReversingLabs.


We are thrilled to introduce another powerful way to add software supply chain security to your security strategy. Beginning November 20, ReversingLabs software supply chain security will be available directly through AWS Marketplace, improving how your team can fortify your application security. 

AWS Marketplace is a curated catalog for security teams to discover, purchase, deploy, and manage third-party software, data, and services. The platform offers an array of cybersecurity solutions, among others. AWS Marketplace enables customers to compare options, read reviews, and quickly find their desired software. Then, they can deploy it to their Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud instance using 1-Click or the AWS Marketplace Management Portal. This approach empowers organizations to bolster their security posture with efficiency and agility.

Security teams often grapple with many vendors and security priorities as the threat landscape expands. Recent trends indicate that many security leaders seek to consolidate their vendors and processes. AWS has emerged as a popular solution to achieve this goal. It enables this transformation through:

  • Simplify procurement: AWS Marketplace makes it easy for customers to acquire, manage, and oversee third-party data from a single platform. Customers can consolidate their billing of AWS Marketplace purchases with their other AWS services, leading to enhanced financial management. This unified view of costs streamlines billing processes, reducing administrative overhead.
  • Optimize costs: Customized pricing, payment schedules, and contract terms help organizations ensure the scope of work and payment schedule align with organizational requirements. AWS Marketplace further empowers security teams to save resources by monitoring all IT spending with AWS cost management tools and centralizing software license entitlement management.
  • Better control and governance: Customers can have better control and governance over software spend by leveraging Private Marketplace, a customizable digital catalog of authorized software and data products, as well as Vendor Insights to simplify third-party software risk assessments by compiling security and compliance information into a unified dashboard

According to a 2022 Forrester Total Economic Impact study, AWS Marketplace customers experienced significant advantages, including

  • 75% reduction in onboarding efforts for new vendors
  • 66% time savings due to procurement efficiencies and a
  • 10% reduction in licensing costs.

David Hoffman, Senior Business Manager for Sony Corporation of America shares that AWS:

“Let us connect our AWS and Trend Micro bills to understand how the two are related. It helped us reduce procurement time on approved software from 60 days to a few minutes and made our billing and chargeback process much easier. We are now able to provide straightforward access to software in the cloud for our employees, streamlining the procurement process while still maintaining control…. [W]e have improved our overall security stance as well as established an improved process for quickly and securely getting products into the cloud”

Do you work with a cybersecurity reseller, consulting firm, or advisory group? No problem. Many of ReversingLabs’ premier partners, such as Guidepoint and Optiv, provide their expertise in addition to the benefits of AWS Marketplace.

Are you ready to explore software supply chain security in AWS Marketplace? Contact our partnership team to learn more. Embrace a new level of security, efficiency, and control in your security strategy today.

Visit ReversingLabs’ AWS Marketplace listing.

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