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RSA Update: Start of Day 3

San Francisco | April 16-20 | Moscone Center | South Hall | Booth 23

RSA Conference 2018


I am talking about the energy of 43,000 people and 500+ security vendors sharing their pains, goals, and solutions. Day 2 (the first full day) on the show floor was busy, noisy, and non-stop. The North and South Halls were full of activity and energy which in security, is unique to RSA.

What is the hot technology message?

AI and Blockchain and it is a close race. Blockchain is the emerging story, and AI is at the height of the hype cycle. I was speaking to Anton Chuvakin from Gartner on the show floor about the all the AI hype and he said he recently blogged about. https://blogs.gartner.com/anton-chuvakin/2018/03/22/do-they-have-ai-or-that-rant-on-ai-in-security/

What are we hearing from the folks who are visiting our booth?

Integration of technology and process - More this year than ever, security folk are asking earlier in the conversation, do you integrate with the products I have? How easy will it be? What is the cost? Even more interesting, we have been asked multiple times in the booth to explain how our technology will help better connect the SOC team with investigations and control teams. These are questions we love to hear because we understand that any effective detection, investigation and response process must be built on an integrated process supported by an eco-system of technology. We have a great blog about the very subject. https://www.reversinglabs.com/blog/reversinglabs-and-our-partners-integrations-and-use-cases-you-can-see-rsa-2018.html

What are we not hearing?

Fear of Ransomware questions - Of the 250 or so folks that have come by the booth, Ransomware attacks, or the fear of them has not been a topic. Malware detection and response has certainly been a topic with the specific question, “how do I get visibility into unknown, undefined files in my network?” being the most common. Security pros that we are talking to at RSA have moved beyond 2017’s Ransomware attack fear to being more proactive about searching out and finding the files and objects where those attacks begin. A few folks referred back to an older blog where we touched on the subject but digging into this topic will be the subject of a future blog.


The Cessna 172 with the SentinelOne banner is flying overhead which means Day 3 at RSA is about to begin. If you are walking the show floor in the South Hall, stop by booth 230. We want to hear what your big projects for 2018 are, and we always love to talk malware, unknown files and integrations.

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