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Visit ReversingLabs at Black Hat 2019

Introducing our Titanium Platform with Destructive Object Insights

Aug 7-8, Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Booth #600 in the Shoreline Exhibit Hall

Visit ReversingLabs at Black Hat 2019

Black Hat and ReversingLabs have a long history together - in 2009 we presented for the first time, and this year represents our 10th anniversary as a company. And as fate would have it, this year ReversingLabs has been named a finalist in the Black Unicorn Awards, part of the Cyber Defense Awards which is sponsored by Cyber Defense Magazine. This recognition as one of 30 Cybersecurity Companies with the potential for $1B valuation is a tremendous honor.

At this year’s Black Hat USA 2019, ReversingLabs will be introducing our new Titanium Platform, and strategic position among the new threat intelligence providers in delivering what we’re calling Destructive Object Insights. We’ll be highlighting solutions that address both ongoing and emerging threats, and how the Titanium Platform is unique in addressing modern attacks, such as:

  • Advanced Phishing attacks, particularly those with attachments possessing obscure or challenging formats to scan, or heavily obfuscated and packed objects containing malware.
  • Software Supply Chain attacks, which are impacting organizations on several fronts including the development, release, and deployment of software that sustains and grows your business or positions it more competitively.

Among the solutions we’re showcasing: integrations to Tanium, Splunk, and Anomali- respective security leaders in the endpoint detection & response (EDR), security incident & event management (SIEM), and threat intelligence platform (TIP) domains. And given recent hacks to the software supply chain, we’ll also be demonstrating how ReversingLabs can scan package repositories such as PyPI to check for potential malicious packages before they are inadvertently installed into your software development environment.

What does this all mean? It means that within your security ecosystem, ReversingLabs plays a key role in facilitating greater SOC automation and faster incident response. Our unique, value-add threat analysis & intelligence overcomes roadblocks to finding and classifying the “unknown bad” files among the millions of files in your network, advancing your investigations, and shortening your resolution times. This in turn reduces risk exposures, clears incident queues, and improves the organizations’ overall security performance.

And last but not least, at Black Hat this year we’re continuing to bring our latest threat research to the community and share ideas relevant to current techniques and trends to circumvent your security controls. Recent ReversingLabs research on phishing and supply chain attacks exposes some of the unique strategies undertaken by attackers to gain access to your data, or even disrupt your infrastructure or leverage it for broader attacks. Our expert staff and researchers will be available throughout the event to discuss our file analysis, threat hunting, and malware intelligence solutions, and how we may be able to address security challenges within your organization left unaddressed by contemporary attackers.

  • Come learn about our new phishing email AbuseBox and URL analysis, and what we can do to close gaps in your email security environment
  • Come experience deep dive investigation and threat hunter scenarios, and pivot your playbook and response when presented superior threat intelligence
  • And just come by and share your security experiences with our staff and learn more about ReversingLabs and our Titanium Platform.

Visit us at Black Hat (Aug 7-8, Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Booth #600) to see a demo of the Titanium Platform, and learn how it can help you instantly identify phishing attacks, intervene in software supply chain attacks, and bring greater insights to destructive objects. If you’d like a personalized demo or executive meeting at the event, and be automatically entered to win a Series 4 Apple Watch, please sign up here.

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