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ReversingLabs Launches Software Supply Chain Security Availability in AWS Marketplace

ReversingLabs in AWS marketplace

Cambridge, MA - November 22 - ReversingLabs, the trusted authority in software and file security, today announced the availability of its software supply chain security solutions in AWS Marketplace, a digital catalog with thousands of software listings from independent software vendors that make it easy to find, text, buy, and deploy software that runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

Driven by growing demand from ReversingLabs customers to make the platform available in AWS, organizations now have direct access to procure the company’s innovative software supply chain security and malware analysis platform capable of handling large and complex software packages. The availability of ReversingLabs platform in AWS Marketplace simplifies the vendor procurement process for customers seeking a robust defense against escalating software supply chain and malware threats, enhancing security and efficiency.

In today's digital age, software is increasingly vulnerable to attacks, raising the stakes for enterprises and government agencies to safeguard their applications and data. ReversingLabs is committed to addressing these challenges by offering the ReversingLabs Titanium Platform to protect organizations from malicious software and emerging threats.

Gartner has estimated that by 2025, nearly 45% of global organizations will have experienced a software supply chain attack. ReversingLabs availability in AWS Marketplace enables businesses to counter these risks effectively with a proactive approach to software security.

AWS customers will now have access to ReversingLabs’ software supply chain security directly within AWS Marketplace. The software supply chain security platform provides AWS customers the ability to streamline the purchase and management of the platform within their AWS Marketplace account.

"The availability of ReversingLabs solutions in AWS Marketplace marks a significant milestone in our mission to protect organizations from the ever-growing complexity of software supply chain risks,” said Peter Doggart, chief operating officer, ReversingLabs. “By making our solutions easily accessible through AWS Marketplace, we empower customers to enhance their security posture and confidently defend against malicious software."

Access to the ReversingLabs platform in AWS Marketplace enables customers to purchase innovative and effective software and file security solutions easily and efficiently in response to a rapidly evolving threat landscape. This provides organizations a simplified way to protect their software supply chains, ensuring they stay ahead of emerging threats.

AWS Marketplace is a trusted and dynamic platform for discovering, buying, and deploying software solutions on the cloud, offering customers significant benefits:

  • Simplify procurement: AWS Marketplace makes it easy for customers to acquire, manage, and oversee third-party data from a single platform. Customers can consolidate their billing of AWS Marketplace purchases with their other AWS services, leading to enhanced financial management. This unified view of costs streamlines billing processes, reducing administrative overhead.
  • Optimize costs: Customized pricing, payment schedules, and contract terms help organizations ensure the scope of work and payment schedule align with organizational requirements. AWS Marketplace further empowers security teams to save resources by monitoring all IT spending with AWS cost management tools and centralizing software license entitlement management.
  • Better control and governance: Customers can have better control and governance over software spend by leveraging Private Marketplace, a customizable digital catalog of authorized software and data products, as well as Vendor Insights to simplify third-party software risk assessments by compiling security and compliance information into a unified dashboard.

ReversingLabs Software Supply Chain Security is now generally available in AWS Marketplace. For more information, please visit our AWS listing.

About ReversingLabs

ReversingLabs is the trusted authority in software and file security. We provide the modern cybersecurity platform to verify and deliver safe binaries. Trusted by the Fortune 500 and leading cybersecurity vendors, the ReversingLabs Titanium Platform® powers the software supply chain and file security insights, tracking over 35 billion files daily with the ability to deconstruct full software binaries in seconds to minutes. Only ReversingLabs provides that final exam to determine whether a single file or full software binary presents a risk to your organization and your customers.