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ReversingLabs Integration
with Microsoft Sentinel

ReversingLabs collaborates with Microsoft Sentinel, a cloud-native Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution, to empower security operations centers (SOC) with file reputation threat intelligence that reduces SOC triage time and analyst fatigue.

Microsoft Sentinel

ReversingLabs Integrations for Microsoft Sentinel

ReversingLabs Ransomware Threat Intelligence Feed for Microsoft Sentinel


ReversingLabs Enrichment APIs For Microsoft Sentinel

Enables access to the ReversingLabs Spectra Intelligence (Formerly TitaniumCloud) File Reputation and File Hash Analysis APIs. The File Reputation API provides a simple classification for a submitted file hash and summarizes the static analysis, dynamic analysis, and AV scan information results. 
This integration empowers SOC teams to determine in seconds whether a file is goodware or malware, reducing incident triage and response time.

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ReversingLabs Early Detection of Ransomware for Microsoft Sentinel

Injects specific ransomware hunting indicators into the Sentinel Threat Intelligence blade using the Sentinel TAXII connector. These indicators are taken from confirmed malware, checked for accuracy, and enriched with additional intelligence. They are also evaluated for activeness, providing a dynamic Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) for a Sentinel deployment to hunt ransomware at every stage of its lifecycle.

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ReversingLabs Content Pack for Microsoft Sentinel

Provides a sample playbook that automatically enriches incidents with file hash reputation information from ReversingLabs Spectra Intelligence (Formerly TitaniumCloud), enabling faster and more accurate incident triage. The integration also includes a workbook that illustrates the integration’s impact on SOC performance.

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