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Forrester Security & Risk talk: Go beyond the SBOM for software supply chain security

At the Forrester Security & Risk Forum, ReversingLabs Field CISO Matt Rose talks about what an SBOM provides — and how it can be put to good use. Here's a preview.

The Forrester Security & Risk Forum is taking place this week in Washington D.C. with a full agenda, tackling a range of issues, from the cyber implications of geopolitical disruptions to the privacy and security implications of the Metaverse. 

One of the big topics of conversation this year is, of course, software supply chain risks. ReversingLabs Field CISO Matthew Rose is on hand to present a talk on "Going Beyond the SBOM." 

SBOMs are a hot topic right now — but also one surrounded by a lot of uncertainty. The question many organizations are wrestling with is less about whether they need an SBOM, and more about what they can do with an SBOM.

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Rose outlines in his talk what type of information an SBOM provides, and how that information can be used. He also discusses how "checkbox" SBOM compliance, where SBOMs are done without any real purpose, isn't enough to protect you from software supply chain risks

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