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ReversingLabs @ Inforsecurity Europe 2023

June 15, 2023

In this episode, Matt gives an overview of what’s to come for ReversingLabs at this year’s InfoSecurity Europe conference in London. Find ReversingLabs at booth #S60 for some great insight — and custom coffee!

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Episode Transcript

MATT ROSE: Hey, everyone. Welcome back to another episode of ReversingGlass. I'm Matt Rose, Field CISO at ReversingLabs. Very excited to announce a road trip for me and some of my colleagues. We will be attending InfoSec Europe 2023 in a couple weeks in London. Yay. One of my favorite cities in the world. Have not been since the pandemic, and very excited to get back to London.

See a lot of the places that I really enjoy visiting. Love the country. Love the city, but super excited to go. So let's talk about ReversingLabs kind of presence there. To start out, we'll basically just talk about the details itself. InfoSec Europe 2023 is going to be June 20th to 22nd in London.

At the Xcel London. We are going to be at booth number S60 is the booth that ReversingLabs will be presenting in. But there's a lot of cool stuff we're doing above and beyond just the booth and demos and all the normal stuff you get at a show. We have a bunch of interesting topics to discuss.

We have two presentations by my good friend Charlie Jones, which is up on the screen here we're talking about combating malware within the software supply chain and a joint presentation with PwC on TPRM reimagined. The information's on the bottom right up in here, right up in here. In terms of the date and times, I believe the first one's on June 20th and the second one's on June 22nd.

Be sure to check those out if you are attending and also if you're attending something else interesting. Not that interesting, depend on who you talk to... I will be there presenting some of the content from my, these ReversingGlass episodes, live and in person, one of the presentations I'm gonna be giving is Behaviors and Diffs: Better Together.

Why behaviors and diffs of a deconstructed software package are is an effective way to software supply chain security. Other presentations are gonna be giving in the booth. Come on by again, number S60 the monsters in your software supply chain that app sec tools can't find and WTF is software supply chain security.

Interesting topics. Gonna have a great supporting cast. We're gonna have some interesting giveaways. What type of interesting giveaways? The normal type of stuff that you talk about at a trade show, but we're gonna be really unique. ReversingLabs is breaking all our breaking out, taking out all the stops.

That's what I was looking to say. At the conference, we are going to have a barista in booth making custom branded ReversingLabs coffees. Come by all times of the day. You get a custom branded ReversingLabs coffee. This isn't hotel coffee. This isn't something that you can get just in any place.

These as a barista making these custom branded coffees for you in the booth. So all of my friends, colleagues, booth number S60, I'll bring up the big banner again in terms of the information. InfoSec, InfosScurity Europe 2023. June 20th to 22nd Xcel London. I will be there with a bunch of my colleagues.

Great presentations coming up by Charlie Jones, a good friend of mine, as I mentioned, and look forward to seeing you there. Maybe we can catch a pint after the conference. Have a great day, everybody.

Matt Rose

About Author: Matt Rose

Field CISO at ReversingLabs. Matt Rose has an extensive background in application security, object-oriented programming, multi-tier architecture design and implementation, and internet/intranet development. His areas of expertise include Application Security, SAST, DAST, IAST, SCA, DevSecOps, and Threat Modeling. Matt is an accomplished public speaker and has been quoted in 50+ AST industry media publications.

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