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Deconstructing Enterprise VPNs: SonicWall, Check Point & OpenVPN

Knowing how your VPN tools are constructed, whether they exhibit any suspicious functionality, contain vulnerabilities and outdated components, or represent a risk to the data they are meant to protect is critical. Trust but verify! 

Watch as Tim Stahl deconstructs these common tools, exposing the threats hidden within, and discusses how your organization can address these potential threats.

Tim Stahl

About Presenter: Tim Stahl

Tim Stahl is a seasoned security professional with almost 20 years of experience, with additional experience in both the engineering and administration of enterprise networks. He has secured and defended networks across .mil, .gov and .com enterprise domains, and his expertise includes the tracking of both APT and criminal groups, threat intelligence, threat hunting, data analysis, OSINT research, DevOps, and SIEM engineering.

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